Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan New York City

We offer six different types of Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan classes in New York City – please click on the tabs below for a description of each class.

Pre-requisites: None. This class is open to all students.

Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan foundation training is comprised of a series of fifteen basic exercises and two short forms. Each basic exercise is develops specific physical coordinations and qualities of action that are then trained in different combinations and sequences in the forms. Each stage of the process is designed to develop a specific awareness, which is then carried into the Spinning Hands, Sticking Hands and Applications phases of the training.

Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan Level 1 presents stationary exercises while Zhong Xin Dao Level 2 introduces moving step exercises. In this class we will also introduce students to Zhong Xin Dao Spinning Hands Cycle 1, a partner exercise designed to develop both intent and structure.

Level 1:
  1. Stance
  2. Relaxation – Absorption & Projection
  3. Horizontal Plane
  4. Frontal Plane
  5. Sagittal Plane
  6. Incorporating 3 Planes of Movement
  7. Condense & Expand
  8. Macrocosmic Orbit Flow
  9. Tu’na (condensed) Breathing
  10. North, East, South, West

Level 2:

  1. Concave & Convex
  2. Weight Shifting & Hips Rolling
  3. Footwork
  4. Four Directional Kicks
  5. Throwing Hands

Pre-requisites: None. This class is open to all students.

Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan foundation training includes two short forms, the “21 Form” and the “Butterfly Form”. The forms were designed as vehicles through which the student may learn to see, recognize and realize the principles of Nature in action.

The 21 Form teaches you to align your body and to move in a smooth and continuous fashion, unifying you structure and your movement. Whereas in the 15 Basic Exercises you learned to isolate and develop the Five Qualities of Movement, in the 21 Form you learn to change gears – to practice the Five Qualities of Movement in different combinations and sequences. Also known as the “Fullness Form”, the 21 Form provides you the opportunity to recognize the Six Directions and the Three Dimensions.

The Butterfly Form teaches you to coordinate the Five Qualities of Movement at higher speeds. This second form is more explosive, with a different rhythm than the 21 Form, and many changes in tempo. Also known as the “Fa Jin Form” (“Power Releasing Form”), the Butterfly Form allows you to recognize that releasing force is part of the relaxation process.

Level 3: 21 Form
  1. Commencing Form
  2. Left & Right Holding Ball
  3. Whirl & Hook
  4. Pull & Push
  5. Drag & Shoulder
  6. Brush Knee & Push
  7. Circle & Press
  8. Whirl, Turn, Push
  9. Turn, Tap, Fend & Push
  10. Turn, Palm Strike
  11. Row Backward & Forward
  12. Split Hands on Both Sides
  13. Brush Off, Press Down, Elbow Strike, Push
  14. Turn while Holding Ball
  15. Left and Right Kick
  16. Relax, Whirl, Fend & Push (1+3 times)
  17. Turn, Brush & Strike (Right and Left)
  18. Grab & Kick
  19. Dash and Push with Both Hands
  20. Both Hands Lift
  21. Closing Form

Level 4: Butterfly Form

  1. Commencing Form
  2. Double Hook
  3. Wipe & Push
  4. Left & Right Pull
  5. Grab & Hook
  6. Split
  7. Trap & Strike
  8. Tap, Row, Punch Up & Down
  9. Fend
  10. Turn, Double Strike Right & Left
  11. Drag & Throw Left & Right
  12. Grinding Hand
  13. Wave & Push
  14. Turn, Shoulder & Hip Push Left & Right
  15. Threading Hand Right & Left
  16. Wipe & Push
  17. Project Down Grab & Kick
  18. Forward Double Strike
  19. Shovel Left & Right
  20. Fend
  21. Closing Form

Pre-requisites: This class is open to students currently enrolled in the Basics class.


Zhong Xin Dao Spinning Hands is a two-person partner practice designed to allow the student recognize how to align to the Point of Contact. Zhong Xin Dao Spinning Hands resembles Push Hands (Tuishou) but differs in that it begins with heavy pressure and, over time, is refined to light. Heavy spinning allows you to feel where your alignment is off and to feel the cycle of force, both from the point of contact to the ground and from the ground to the contact point. If practiced over time, Zhong Xin Dao Spinning Hands will help you to develop mindful relaxation, alignment, and the ability to flow while under pressure.

Students begin training by spinning their hands and forearms around each other, in a series of specific patterns, while using mindful observation of the conditions to recognize the natural alignment and cycle of energy that is already within each of us. Through this practice the student will begin to recognize the changing conditions and to flow, to change with the change. Initially the patterns are large, gradually becoming smaller as the principles are integrated. Over time the student will learn to produce power with less effort, to simply align and to let go.

Lessons learned in Zhong Xin Dao Spinning Hands will inform the rest of your practice, regardless of style.

Level 5:

  • Eight Cycles: Stationary
  • Eight Directions Power Training
  • Five Elements of Application

Level 6:

  1. Eight Cycles: Moving
  2. Range: Upper, Middle, Lower, Further, Middle, Closer
  3. Section: Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, Ankle
  4. Five Elements of Application
  5. Kicking: Outside, Inside, Mixed

Pre-requisites: This class is open to students currently enrolled in the Basics class.


With the awareness gained through the training of Zhong Xin Dao Spinning Hands, you will now train to maintain the neutral point while crossing the half line. Whereas Zhong Xin Dao Spinning Hands teaches us to recognize, meet, absorb and project force, and to defend, Zhong Xin Dao Sticky Hands teaches us to flow, to neutralize, and to attack while maintaining “Offense and Defense as One”. The Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan Sticky Hands Process includes the following stages of training:

Level 7:
  1. Flow
  2. Fend
  3. Control
  4. Jam/Freeze

Pre-requisites: Instructor permission is required.

For those students who able to maintain the coordinations introduced in both the Basics and in the Spinning Hands classes, our Martial Applications class provides the opportunity to test them under progressive resistance. In addition to the increased intensity and various power training methods, the Martial Applications class moves from the Spinning and Sticky range and introduces students to the concept of bridging.

Pre-requisites: None. This class is open to all students.

Our Open Class format is a combination of semi-private lesson and self-study. During this time you may sign up for semi-private lessons with our intructors. Other students are also welcome to use the time to work on a specific topic, either on their own or in small groups, with the added benefit of receiving some corrections and training tips.