This is our class handbook. This Second Edition has been udpated to include several color diagrams.

The booklet includes:

  • Description of the 15 Basic Exercises
  • I Liq Chuan Basic Concepts
  • Points to Practice in Spinning & Sticking Hand Training
  • The Process of Spinning Hands
  • Sticky Hand Process of Upper & Lower Hand
  • The Process of Chin Na
  • Leg Training Process
  • The Process of Unifying the Body
  • Exercise of Complementary of Yin & Yang
  • Flow, Lead, Break
  • Bridge, Control, Finishing
  • Terms to Know
  • Structure, Relaxation, Energy
  • I Liq Chuan Chin Family Disciples Code of Conduct
  • I Liq Chuan Student’s Training Program

Pages: 39
: English