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Event Details

10th Annual
Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan
Summer Camp in Poland
July 12-19, 2020

Join us in the beautiful Polish countryside, as we explore Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan, the art of Grandmaster Sam F.S. Chin! All levels are invited to join us, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners!

This year’s camp will again be held at Dwór Zaścianek, a traditional Polish inn, nestled in the woods of eastern Poland. Dwór Zaścianek is the perfect location to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and to focus on training. Come and enjoy Polish hospitality and cuisine, and train with an amazing community of people from around the world!

If you are flying into Poland, please let us know your flight information, and we will assist you in traveling from Warsaw to the camp. Please note that we have arranged for a shuttle bus to transport people to and from the summer camp location and Warsaw – if you would like to reserve your seat, please let us know via email. There is an additional fee for this service. If you wish to take the shuttle bus, please arrive in Warsaw on Saturday 11th of July 2020, so that you may take the shuttle bus early on Sunday morning.

The Training

During this 8-day intensive (up to 70 hours of training!) you will explore Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan system, the art of Grandmaster Sam F.S. Chin. Throughout these 8 days of concentrated practice, you will deepen your understanding of yourself, as well as your relationship with the world around you. Grading will also be available for those who wish to test for their next student level.

This year we will be focusing on the nature of awareness, the elements of internal practice, Absorb-Project & Condense-Expand, and the Four Strategies. The Zhong Xin Dao approach is the method that is used to recognize and realize the conditions as they are, their limits, the process of change, and the nature of awareness itself. We will train to see that each movement, each application, is merely an effect of the process of balancing yourself, propelled through your own Unification of the Mental and Physical.

Early Morning Training: Qigong and Meditation with Instructor Irek Zareba
In Zhong Xin Dao we train to be present in order to see the moment itself, to recognize things as they are. We work with Mental Balance and Physical Balance. The mental balance is Mindfulness, the concentration of attention to be still, so that we may see clearly. Meditation is a direct observation with attention. Every day before breakfast you will have the opportunity to open your body and still your mind with an hour of qigong and meditation, the ideal environment to develop the right quality of attention required to train.

Morning Training: Four Strategies with Instructor Joshua Craig
Every morning you will focus on the Four Strategies to propel Engagement (Circle with Center, Center to Center, Center with the Cross) using a selection of movements and applications. During this time, you will have the chance to work with a variety of partners, developing your ability to maintain attention both on yourself and at the point of contact.

Afternoon Training: 21 Form and Butterfly Form
Each afternoon you will focus on the forms of Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan. Our foundation training includes two short forms, the “21 Form” and the “Butterfly Form”. The forms were designed as vehicles through which you may see, recognize and realize the principles of Nature in action. The forms are more challenging than the 15 Basic Exercises, involving continuous changes, asking you to expand your awareness even further. This training will help you to recognize and flow with these changes, while being conscious of your own structure, relaxation, and energy.

You will train to establish your own Center by balancing and maintaining the Six Directions and the Three Dimensions, with all movement having the Macrocosmic Energy and Complementary Yin and Yang. This is the Spinning Force of Coordination. When your awareness is steady and strong, you will be able to align and extend the Spinning Force to the point of contact and be able to begin the process of Unifying Yourself with the Opponent.

Early Evening Training: Grading Preparation with Instructor Wlodek Hrymniak
Every evening you will be able to train for your next grading. During this time, you will have the chance to work with a variety of partners, developing your ability to maintain attention at the point of contact. Next, we will divide the group into different levels and we will review the grading requirements for each. Depending upon the number of participants grading, a variety of other instructors may assist you.

By the end of this 8-day immersion, you will clearly understand the Zhong Xin Dao Learning Process, have a complete home practice method, as well being capable of recognizing the universal principles of human movement in action!

The Camp

Dwór Zaścianek, the home of our Tenth Annual Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan Summer Camp in Poland, provides comfortable rooms, a choice of vegan, vegetarian or meat-based meals, an excursion, a barbecue pit, swimming pool, and a sauna.

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Room types are available on a “first come, first served” basis – be sure to register below to book the room of your choice! All-inclusive pricing details will be available soon!

  • Shared room for 4 people (two double rooms with 1 bathroom)
  • Shared room for 3 people (with 1 bathroom)
  • Shared room for 2 people
  • Single room

Click here to reserve your spot!

(Please specify your room choice and provide the name(s) of your roommate(s), if applicable.)

Photos from the previous Summer Camps in Poland

Below is a selection of photos from our 2017 & 2018 camps. For more photos you may visit our Flickr albums at: 



We look forward to you joining us this year!


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Below you will find a few testimonials from our last summer camp:

The welcome appeal was amazing. In the adult world, it is rare to join together with other adults and get along so well, with genuine compassion for one another. I do appreciate that all of the teachers have an invested interest in who you are as a person and are helping you achieve your own personal advancements. (Nicole W. from Canada)

The camp was awesome! Joshua and the assistant trainers’ excellent teaching, beautiful accommodation site, delicious food every day, fellow trainees’ camaraderie…I thoroughly enjoyed it and am grateful for Joshua and Magda for organizing this memorable event! (Bonnie from the USA)

I enjoyed the use of simple exercises to understand challenging concepts & Joshua’s masterful coaching. (E. Ling from the UK)

Summer camp is like an extended workshop where you can have fun & explore training in an intensive, ongoing environment. Usually held in a beautiful, rustic location – with great food!!! – & a great mix of people looking to train & enjoy their time. It’s like a vacation with the benefit of a depth of training that really feels fulfilling while it’s happening & after it’s over. Joshua’s skill in leading the workshop is unparalleled & always includes lots of personal instruction. Don’t miss an opportunity like this if you can! (Phil Braun from the USA)

All the trainings were exceptional. The instructors were great. Joshua is an extremely precise, meticulous, mindful, and wise teacher; his way of explaining each exercise, each rule makes time spent at the camp very unique. (Malgorzata M. from Poland)

Honestly? I enjoyed everything. Amazing experience! (Michael L. from the USA)

I enjoyed working on the sense of the balance of the point of contact from different perspectives (natural movement, 2 vectors, drag the point etc.). It helped me to get a better sense of what Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan is about. (Vincent V. from France)

What I enjoyed the most about the summer camp was the clear explanations of Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan principles, the interesting exercises, the looseness training, the Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan applications, and the patience and understanding of the instructors.  (Ula G. from Poland)

The rope training was very nice. The translation to the movements we did I found important. The social time (sauna, dance, kayaking). The people, their attitude. Joshua’s teaching skills. The possibility to have some private time when needed. (Yeliz Oktay from The Netherlands)

What I appreciate the most about the summer camp trainings was that we were divided into small groups, our instructors were extremely mindful and they gave us lots of useful advice. We had personal contact with the instructors through the whole training and we learned a lot. The atmosphere was wonderful, easy-going and open-hearted. (Inga D. from Poland)

Great vibe, personalized training, high-level of skills of our instructor! (Konrad P. from Poland)

Summer camp – what I enjoyed the most was the variety of training methods. There was something for everyone! (Michalina D. from Poland)

During the summer camp, I had lots of opportunities to train for the 3rd level of Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan and to prepare myself for the exam. Apart from the training, we had lots of fun activities such as kayaking, a barbecue, a Russian sauna, and dancing.  (Ezekiel M. from the USA)

The thing I appreciate the most about training with Joshua is the way he explains Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan principles and his amazing energy that is inspiring to others.  (Grzegorz R. from Poland)

What I enjoyed the most about training with Joshua were the friendly atmosphere and his deep knowledge. (Tomek N. from Poland)

Joshua explains Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan principles in a very unique way! (Piotr N. from Poland)



july 12 (Sunday) - 19 (Sunday)


Dwor Zascianek

BORSUKI 1B, 08-221 Hołowczyce, Poland


Joshua Craiginfo@internal-arts-training.com

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